Clube is a receiving institution for Erasmus + students and offers formations related to the context of social work. Since summer 2015 it is the mother organisation of Sementes a Crescer and located within the neighborhood of “Picheleira”.

It is not specialized in integrational youth work but has decided to benefit from the experience of SC, use the immense capacity of the its own installations and extend the work of SC for children from “Picheleira” and “Carlos Botelho”. In future it aims to connect its intercultural activities and relations to bring the youth of antiga Curraleira abroad. In order to strengthen its influence within the surrounded neighborhoods, Clube has launched a street art project named Pa-redes. Paredes is funded by the program PARTIS (Gulbenkian) during 18 month. The objective is to give art lessons to the teenagers of “João Nascimento Costa”, “Picheleira” and “Carlos Botelho” and beautify the surrounding for a more welcoming ambience.

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