Bairro Nascimento Costa

It is a calm social housing neighborhood. It has several coffees and people hang out together on the streets. The presence of “Sementes a Crescer” within this neighborhood promotes the conviviality within the “bairro”. The neighborhood “Nascimento Costa” has the unique characteristic of being shaped by a Gipsy culture due to many Gipsy families that live here. Their conviviality and good integration within Portuguese society is quite unique compared to other Gipsy diasporas within Portugal. The fact that Sinti&Roma in Portugal are not considered a minority and have Portuguese nationality due to their sedentariness since more than 400 years makes it hard to elevate any numbers. However, who is of Roman origin in “Nascimento Costa” is proud to distinguish as a “Cigano”. According to “Sementes a Crescer” 94 children of 1383 pupils of the primary school in “Picheleira” have Gipsy backgrounds. It is not a significant number but their presence shapes the identity of the neighborhood. Nininho, a “Cigano” that has transformed to an idol within “Nascimento Costa” due to his great success on Youtube and his great musical talent, contributes to the Gipsy hype within “Nascimento Costa”.

The marriage between Gipsy and non – Gipsy has opened the Gipsy community. The first Street art of “Pa-redes” estimates this positive cultural mix with a drawing that estimates the peaceful living together between different ethnies within the “bairro”.

Nontheless the very traditional Gipsy culture also brings considerable challenges: Early marriage and low estimation of the conventional education system often leads to early abandon of school. Therefore the role of “Sementes a Crescer” is to work on the integration of the youngest  but also represents a drop-in centre for the parents to get help in the matter of social inclusion and financial supports.

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