The fountain is the meetingpoint for the marches of Santo Antonio (Saint of Lisbon) from “Penha da França” (formerly São João e Alto da Pinha).

Each “bairro” of Lisbon performs its own marches. On the procession of 13th of June each neighborhood presents its march with typical costumes and dances. Each year the municipality of Lisbon choses one winner. People are very proud and loyal to the marches performed within their neighborhood. Consequently the rehousing program that reallocated people from antiga Curraleira to one of the five social housing neighborhoods, majorly situated in “Beato” often leaded to conflicting situations. The council of “Beato” performs other marches and has other traditions and reallocated people don’t just simply identify with the marches taking place in their new neighborhood. The stage which was built next to the sk8 park shall be a spot for both councils to perform their marches and get together.

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